Access, Safety Measures and Procedures

Access to the Facility

In any of the following cases, please DO NOT COME TO THE FACILITY as you will be denied access:

• Fever

• Cough or difficulty breathing

• Travel outside of Canada in the last 14 days.

• Have come into contact with an individual who is a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case.

Not sure whether these apply to you? Please contact Public Health at 1 (877) 644-4545.

Security Measures and Procedures

Vaccination Passport:

As per Quebec public health regulations please note that as of September 1st, the Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA is required by law to comply with the planned vaccination passport roll out. As such, all people accessing our fitness, program and meeting facilities as of September 1st, will be required to show proof of their vaccination passport upon entering the building.

The Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA will determine proof of vaccination of members and visitors entering the building by scanning each individual’s Vaccination Passport (VaxiCode App).

Once inside the building we ask you kindly to head straight to the Welcome Desk where a one of our Customer Representatives will scan your Vaccination Passport.

If the Welcome Desk is closed please proceed downstairs to the Fitness Desk where one of our staff members will scan your Vaccination Passport.

On September 1st, all members’ fobs will be de-activated until record of vaccination has been added to our system.  The garage will remain accessible.

If you have an Apple phone, you can download the VaxiCode App here:

If you have an Android phone, you can dowload the VaxiCode App here:

Other Procedures: 

• Only visitors who use adapted transportation will have access to our handicap entrance. All other visitors must enter either via the garage or the 5400 Westbury avenue entrance.

• All visitors and staff are required to disinfect their hands upon arrival.

• Please wash and/or disinfect your hands frequently at our hand sanitizing stations.

• Masks must be correctly worn (covering the chin, mouth and nose) when circulating throughout the facility. In the functional fitness space, the mezzanine, the cycle studio, the weight room and cardio room, masks must be worn when you cannot keep a 2 meter distance from others or when there is no plexi glass separation. Masks can only be removed when you are exercising on a machine or when you are exercising in your personal space at a 2 meters distance from others.  

• It is mandatory to maintain a physical distance of 1 meter at all times.

• Contactless payments are preferred, but cash is accepted.

*The Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA is not held responsible for lost or stolen goods.

Please note that all of the included policies and procedures are subject to change as circumstances evolve and we encourage you to stay informed of any updates by visiting our website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) regularly.

Sanitary Measures

We are implementing new sanitary measures to ensure that our members, visitors, staff and entire community stay healthy and safe and that we meet and surpass all government regulations and guidelines.

• We have purchased and will be using a variety of PPE (personal protective equipment) items, such as masks, visors, gloves and thermometers.

• Victory-branded electrostatic sprayers for the disinfection of all equipment have been purchased. These best-in-class professional-grade sprayers have received the 2020 Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Choice Award and provide superior professional disinfection of all surfaces. Staff will be using these sprayers to clean the facility thoroughly, at regular intervals, with very little downtime so that every surface you touch remains clean and the risk of virus transmission is reduced.

• We have installed multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility. Please use them regularly while in the facility.

• Multiple disinfectant spray bottles and paper towels have been placed and are readily available to use in the Fitness Centre, Cardio and Weight Rooms, Group Fitness, and Cycle Studios. Members are required to clean all equipment before and after use.

• At the Fitness Centre, Cardio and Weight Rooms, Group Fitness, and Cycle Studios staff will be disinfecting key touchpoints – doors, handles, machines, dumbbells, cardio equipment and more – daily, throughout their shifts at regular intervals.