Annual General Meeting – Tuesday November 24th, 2020 at 7:00PM


Our 110th Annual General Meeting will be held virtually. Registration for the meeting will be required and will open next week.

The Nominating Committee of the Association proposes the following nominees for election as directors at the Annual General Meeting:

New nominees:
Jonathan Goodman, David Cape, Shari Haimovitz, Aaron Benshabat

Current members whose terms will expire and are nominated for re-election:
Ariel Dayan-Medalsy, Brian Gelfand, Jeff Kadanoff, Rick Rubin, Tina Apfeld-Rosenthal

The following members will continue to serve their term:
Robert Fainer, Carl Schlesinger, Hillel Rosen, Ziki Zaffir, Naomi Faraj, Lonn Shulkin, Scott Rozansky

Any Member of the Association wishing to make nominations to the Board, in addition to the nominees selected by the Nominating Committee, may do so by submitting a written nomination signed by at least 50 Members to the Secretary of the Association at least 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Please use the Nomination Form below to nominate those Y members you feel would make valued members of the Y’s Board of Directors. ​

Nomination Form