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Passover Traditions from Around the World. The holiday of Passover is usually celebrated with family and friends. More so than any other holiday, families come together from near and far for the Seders as much to be together as to commemorate freedom.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

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The current COVID-19 pandemic, is a serious virus that can be just as harmful on our mental health as it can be on our physical one. One of the greatest challenges to our mental health is our lack of control over this situation. We are placing a lot of trust in our health officials and government, to both protect and inform us on how to keep ourselves safe.


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Purim is one of the most fun holidays celebrated by the Jewish people, but is often under recognized. Purim commemorates the day Esther, Queen of Persia, saved the Jewish people from execution by Haman, the advisor to the Persian king

Circus Workshop

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Please note that the Circus Workshop has been cancelled. Brand New at the Y! 3 - part Circus Workshop with Puppets and People, Dream Sculptures and Bear Multi Sports. Contact Marcy Kastner 514 737 6551 ext. 237 or mkastner@ymywha.com

Marcy Kastner

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Meet Marcy Kastner, one the Y's longest running employees! She has been working at the Y since 2000. She started as the Camp Mother for the Summers at YCC until 2010. In October 2010 Marcy started full time as the Coordinator of children's program and Director of Day Camps.