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The Shavuot holiday has no less than three names: Chag Matan Torah, the holiday of the giving of the Torah; Chag HaKatzir, the Reaping Holiday, and Chag Habikurm, holiday of the First Fruits.

Meet Tiffany

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Meet Tiffany, a facilitator for the Inclusive Services at the Y. She has been working for the YAFE department since the summer of 2019 where she started as a camp counselor.

Meet Delaney

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Meet Delaney, a facilitator for the Inclusion Services here at the Y.  During the Y’s physical closure, she has been making virtual art lesson videos, which you may have seen on Instagram, Facebook or on the Y’s web site. 

Jessica Meirovici

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Meet Jessica Meirovici, Coordinator of the Diller Teen Fellows Program in Montreal. Diller gives teens a sense of pride about being Jewish and inspires and empowers them to make a positive difference in our communities.

Coconut Macaroon Recipe

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Keren Besner (Director of Marketing and Branding) and her daughters Stella, Bowie and Coco show you how to make Passover Macaroons. A fun family activity that is easy to make and results in a delicious dessert!