BIH – The Port City of Akko

Mike interviews chef Osama Dalal, whose family has lived in Akko for more than 300 years, to talk about pluralism and how Jews and Arabs live side-by-side. An ambassador of authenticity, Osama demonstrates how Ottoman influences flavor the food of Akko, more than elsewhere in Israel. Mike also speaks with Avihai Tsabari, who sheds further light on the history of the historic port city.

BIH – Yemenite Soup for the Soul

Mike interviews Ravid Kahalani, co-founder and lead singer of the genre-defying band, Yemen Blues. The duo discuss the global sensation’s groundbreaking music that pulls influence from a number of places within Israeli culture, including of course, Yemenite culture. Avihai Tsabari is also back to talk about Yemenite influence in Israel (he’s the son of a Yemenite father and Tunisian mother).