As the governing body that oversees our organization’s mission, strategy and goals, the Board is an integral part of the Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA. Each board member is dedicated to the sustainability and growth of the Y. They each provide key insight and actively participate in decision making that is aligned with the strategic direction and plan.


Tina Apfeld Rosenthal, President

Robert Fainer, Vice President

Brian Gelfand, Secretary

Shari Haimovitz, Treasurer

Rick Rubin, Immediate Past President

Hillel Rosen, Legal Officer


Aaron Benshabat

David Cape

Ariel Dayan Medalsy

Naomi Faraj

Jonathan Goodman

Jeffrey Kadanoff

Scott Rozansky

Carl Schlesinger

Lonn Shulkin

Ziki Zaffir


Elyse Rosen, Executive Director
ext. 210

Roberta Ross, CPA, CA, Director of Finance and Human Resources
ext. 229

Keren Besner, Director of Marketing and Branding Strategy
ext. 574

Andrea Engels, Director of Business Development and Strategic Initiatives
ext. 560

Laura Muzzo, Director of Fitness and Membership Services
ext. 211

Marni Schlomowitz, Director of the Harry Bronfman Y Country Camp (YCC)
ext. 262