Spring 2022 Programs

If You have questions about any of our programs please contact our Coordinator of Inclusion Services, Deanna Little at dlittle@ymwywha.com

THRIVE* (6 – 12 years old)

Children’s program that promotes fun and adapted proprioceptive activities in the gym followed by a swim session. Several qualified facilitators are assigned to this program in order to ensure that all children receive individualized attention and support in order to achieve their goals.

Note: Participants must come prepared with gym shoes, a bathing suit and towel.

Spectrum Multimedia* (18+)

Learn filmmaking and media creation skills from experienced artists! Participants will come together once a week to complete weekly art and design challenges, including photography, video and online art. This program is a partnership with Spectrum Productions, a local charity that is committed to advancing the inclusion of autistic individuals by supporting their creative talents. Participants will even get the opportunity to submit their work for a chance to win prizes!


Chaverim* (18+)

A collaborative and engaging social program for adults, Chaverim encourages participants to develop their communication, decision-making and conflict resolution skills. Each week participants gather with their peers to engage in group discussion, improve on life skills, enjoy games and leisure activities within the Y. Participants are encouraged to access their creativity and will collaborate with each other on group projects. Supper is included.


REACH Fitness (18+)

A fun and adapted exercise program taught by a certified fitness instructor. Each class incorporates elements of strength, flexibility, mobility and cardio. All movements can be modified to suit individual needs and abilities and seated versions are always provided. This program is targeted for adults and young adults with diverse abilities! We want to REACH our goals, feeling READY, welcoming EVERYONE, so we are all ABLE to CHALLENGE ourselves and improve our HEALTH.

Note: Participants must wear proper indoor gym shoes in order to attend.

Koulanu Yachad* (All ages)

Our mission at the Y is to provide a welcoming, engaging and inclusive Jewish environment where all members can participate. Koulanu Yachad is a program that seeks to embody our mission by providing help to those who need it in order to safely and effectively use our facilities. Due to the nature of this program, dates and times are flexible and based on participant needs. If you or someone you know requires assistance due to their disability in order to fully benefit from our facilities, contact our Inclusion Services Coordinator (dlittle@ymywha.com or 514-737-6551 ext. 235).

Note: Please contact our Inclusion Services Coordinator (dlittle@ymywha.com or 514-737-6551 ext. 235) before purchasing online.

United Explorers (14+)

A social and recreational program designed for young adults with developmental disabilities, United Explorers takes place every Saturday from 10am-3pm. Program organizers Ebohon and Dolores bring over 25 years of skill and experience working with the neurodiverse community. Participants use the Y facilities to practise sports and movement, go swimming and engage in sensory integration activities. Every few weeks an organized activity is incorporated into the schedule, such as visiting the library or watching a movie.

Note: In order to participate in this program, participants must hold or purachase the Inclusion Membership at $72. Registration takes place directly with United Explorers, please contact Ebohon Idonije at 514 692-9923 or d.e.united.explorers@gmail.com.

Sunday Art Friends Group (18+)

A community group for families and friends where everyone can choose and create art projects. Every week participants are encouraged to access their creativity while developing friendships and learning new skills. This group is intended for neurodiverse adults, but all ages and abilities are welcome.

Note: Program participants are eligible for the Inclusion Membership. Please contact our Inclusion Services Coordinator (dlittle@ymywha.com or 514-737-6551 ext. 235) in order to join this group.

Club Rendezvous (18+)

This program aims to open our doors to those living in our community with chronic mental illness by providing a supportive and welcoming environment, a warm lunch and varied programming.

Note: Program participants are eligible for the Inclusion Membership. Please contact our Inclusion Services Coordinator (dlittle@ymywha.com or 514-737-6551 ext. 235) in order to join this group.

* Please note that registration with any Inclusion program will automatically add an Inclusion membership to your cart. An inclusion membership costs $72 annually, allows members to bring a companion with them, provides early access to inclusion programs and full access to our fitness facilities, pool, and basketball gymnasium. If you do not wish to purchase an Inclusion membership at this time, please instead complete your program registration by emailing your request (name of participant, activity and session information) to contact@ymywha.com or calling (514) 737-6551 for assistance.