Y Leadership Camp is a combination of an online and in-person program for teens and young adults with special needs. In addition to typical camp activities such as music, art, fitness, drama and dance, this camp includes an interactive learning component. The focus is on social and functional skills, workplace and leadership training. It also includes a weekly or bi-weekly (contingent upon restrictions) in-person special activity that includes getting together outside (respecting physical distancing) to practice skills learned and encourage social skills and reinforce social bonds. A weekly song will be taught during the program which will be ‘performed’ at the program and lunch and  snack will be enjoyed as a chevrah (group)

The goals of the camp are to teach social, leadership and functional skills to young adults with developmental delay through a variety of creative therapies and specialized activities in a high energy and social setting.

The camp runs in two-week sessions, from July 13 to August 14, 2020. Participants must register for each two-week session.

ZOOM sessions from: 9:30am – 1:30pm Monday to Friday.
Some special in-person events and activities may take place on certain, specific Fridays: 12:30pm – 2:00pm
This is pending restrictions and includes lunch and snack.

Activities Include:

  • Art with Delaney (x2)
  • Music with Tiffany (x2)
  • Drama with Bailey (x2)
  • Dance with Melina (x2)
  • Fitness with Muhan (x3)
  • Leadership with Matthew (x3)
  • Special Activity (x1) on Fridays! (Potentially in person!)

Contact Melanie Rich to register mrich@ymywha.com