Pool and Locker Rooms


50-minute time slots are offered to allow access for all members. When the lifeguard whistles three times, it marks the end of the time slot and you must exit the pool area immediately.

• Members must register in advance on Mindbody for their 50-minute time slot. See schedule here.

• Members must specify if they will be participating in lap swimming, recreational swimming or an Aquafit class.

The 10-minute transition time between time slots has been scheduled to allow the staff to disinfect all major touchpoints for the next group.

• Access will be granted to the pool area 5 to 10 minutes before the beginning of the scheduled time slot.

• On deck Family Changing Rooms will be accessible (see rules, below), however, lockers and showers will remain closed. Access will only be permitted to the washrooms and changing rooms. It is strongly recommended to come dressed in your bathing suit.

• Please bring a bag to store your personal belongings. You can leave your bag by the side of the pool

• Lap swimming will be limited to two double lanes. If you choose to use the pool for lap swimming, please refer to the diagram on the pool deck to respect the distancing rules.

•  A deep cleaning of the pool deck and surrounding surfaces will be conducted daily between 2 – 4 PM. The pool’s water will be tested every 1.5 hours, daily. The pool will remain closed during deep cleaning.

•  Only 2 showers on the pool deck will remain open to rinse off before swimming. You will not have access to the showers in the Family Changing Room.

Family Changing Room Rules

• Only 5 people allowed inside the room at a time (or two families).

• The wearing of a mask is mandatory.

• Physical Distancing of six feet must be respected.

• Bathroom stalls will remain open.

• There will be no shower access.

• There will be no locker access.

Health and safety measures

• Wearing a mask is mandatory in the changing rooms and while walking on the pool deck.

• Wearing a mask in the water is forbidden.

• Wearing a bathing cap in the water is mandatory.

• Keep a distance of at least six feet between yourself and others.

• Spitting and blowing your nose in the water is prohibited.

• Besides life jackets, no equipment will be available. Only the following personal items are authorized: noodles, flutter boards and pull boys. Do not bring water toys.

• Lifeguards are available at all times to answer your questions and to ensure proper functioning

Water Safety Instructor

Please note that all of the included policies and procedures are part of Phase 1 of our re-opening. They are subject to change as circumstances evolve and we encourage you to stay informed of any updates by visiting our web site and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) regularly.