Project Description


All Small Group Training is powered by Myzone, which is an innovative wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless technology to actively monitor physical activity. For more information, call us at extension 549 or email us at

The classes below are currently suspended until further notice.

Small Group Training


PWR classes are designed to increase your overall strength while creating a metabolic effect on the entire body through different free weight and cable movements.

Small Group Training


BURN classes are designed to maximize the amount of calories burned while working the body as a whole through a variety of interval training techniques.

Small Group Training


TUNE-UP classes are designed to help you recover after your PWR and BURN classes, so that your body works efficiently and is pain-free for your next workout.

Small Group Training


Each month we create a CHALLENGE using the Myzone app where participants will be rewarded for their efforts with prizes.

Myzone Membership


Members can now benefit from a reduced SGT monthly membership with no long-term attachment! A flexible schedule to suit your lifestyle.