Access, Safety Measures and Procedures

Access to the Facility

In any of the following cases, please DO NOT COME TO THE FACILITY as you will be denied access:

• Fever

• Cough or difficulty breathing

• Travel outside of Canada

• Have come into contact with an individual who is a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case.

Not sure whether these apply to you? Please contact Public Health at 1 (877) 644-4545.

Security measures and procedures 

• You must register and reserve a block of time before coming to the facility. Click here for our registration procedure.

• The pool and upstairs bathrooms will remain accessible.

• For security reasons, the men’s and women’s locker rooms and the Executive Health Club locker rooms will remain closed during our initial reopening phase.

• All members and visitors must enter through our 5400 Westbury entrance unless they require a transportation adapter or wheelchair.

• The temperature of all visitors and staff will be taken as soon as they enter the facility.

• All visitors and staff are required to disinfect their hands as soon as they enter the facility.

• Please wash and/or disinfect your hands frequently at our hand sanitizing stations.

• Masks are mandatory for visitors and staff when circulating within the facility. Masks cannot be removed while you are in the pool or playing in the gym.

• It is mandatory to maintain a physical distance of six feet at all times.

• Members are asked to bring their own water bottles. Water fountains will be available for refilling ONLY. It is strictly forbidden to drink from the water fountains.

• Members are asked to bring their own towels. For health and safety reasons, no towels will be provided on site.

• It is recommended that members limit the number of personal items brought into the facility.

• Visitors and staff are reminded to avoid touching their faces.

• Contactless payments are encouraged whenever possible.

Please note that all of the included policies and procedures are part of Phase 1 of our re-opening. They are subject to change as circumstances evolve and we encourage you to stay informed of any updates by visiting our web site and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) regularly.